Saturday, December 24, 2005

Do you think they make middle of the night house calls?

Scene: 5am Chez J-E. Mommy and Daddy are tucked snug in their bed. The pitter patter of little feet are heard. C arrives (on mommy's side of course) for a snuggle. Mommy is too tired to escort him back to bed, so in he crawls.

A few minutes later, another noise is heard. This time emanating from A's room.

"Wee wee? Wee wee?"

M: "Did she just call out for the Wiggles?"

Mommy: "Yep."

C: "I think A is up and she wants the Wiggles."

Mommy: "Yes, it sounds like she does."

C: "Can we get up and watch the Wiggles?"

Mommy and M: "No."

I find it highly unfair that she is calling out for the Wiggles at 5am, yet we are the folks who have to get out of bed. If their appeal is that strong, they should really take responsibility for their actions.