Monday, December 19, 2005

Contemplating My Navel

Over the last 24 hours I have spent a total of five hours sitting on the floor outside A's door trying to cajole her to sleep. Most of the time has been spent staring at a blank spot on the wall wishing I had had the foresight to prepare a small snack, and perhaps procure a book or magazine to read, while periodically reassuring A that I have not left my post outside her door.

After cleaning out under my fingernails, showering love on the parade of cats who realized I was a captive petter, and doing a few yoga poses, I sat contemplating the larger issues in life. In no particular order, here are some random thoughts from tonight's sit-in.

We need to get a nice comfy rug for the hallway if I'm going to be spending the next 16 years sitting out here several hours a day.

I should really find a hobby. If only I knit or sewed or did anything requiring very little apparati, I would probably be much less annoyed by the hallway sitting experience.

Is apparati the plural of apparatus? I should look that up if I ever get out of the hallway.

Perhaps I could stash some snacks in the linen closet. I seem to be rather hungry when sitting here with nothing else to do.

The heat in the hallway leaves a lot to be desired. I really need to call the furnace guy and have him take a look at our heating system.

There is a large black spot on the wall which needs a visit from the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

All male members of our household snore. Even the cat.

Do we think sipping a glass of wine while sitting in the hallway at 8pm is inappropriate? Cause really, a nice glass of wine might make the experience a bit more enjoyable.

I actually really like my bed. It is comfortable and warm. Very unlike the hallway. I'm not so fond of the hallway these days.

I still don't know what I am cooking for the holidays. I really need to figure that one out. Perhaps I should stash a cookbook with the snacks in the linen closet.

Speaking of snacks, I wonder which class party I am supposed to be doing for C's preschool class. I should look into that if I ever leave the hallway.

Did I mention that the hallway is cold and uncomfortable? Just checking.

I wonder what I am going to do with my life when my children are in school more than 6 hours a week. I guess I'll need to find a job again.

I wonder what I want to be when I grow up.

I'm fairly certain that I don't want to be anything that requires me to spend a lot of time sitting in hallways. I guess that means that hallway monitor is out.

I still have half my holiday card list to complete. I wonder if there is enough light from the nightlight to address them.

I wonder why we all bother with holiday cards anyway. I mean not that I would ever be on top of things enough to write the holiday letter, but I do enjoy getting the few I receive. More people should write holiday letters.

The clock in C's room ticks quite loudly.

I wonder how he ever falls asleep with that ticking away over his head.

On second thought, it's actually quite mesmerizing. I wonder if A would freak if I just lay down on the floor.

Ah. That's better. Nope, nope. She figured it out. Up I go.

Shhh. I think she's finally asleep...