Sunday, November 20, 2005

My house has never been so clean

Surprise!!! That's right, a surprise party was thrown at our house last night for my husband's "husband," friend Paul (and two other wonderful men, but in our minds the party was all about Paul). As we know Paul has been known to surf his wife's blog while bored at work, and hers links to mine, and you never know when curious minds might suddenly go exploring into other blogs, I've had to be silent on the topic up to this point. And the prep for this party has been littered with many very bloggable moments. It's been hard, oh so hard. But all worth it, as out of the three men involved, Paul was the only one who was truly surprised.

Fun was had by all, especially my husband, who based on the snoring sounds emanating from our room, may awaken in time for the next ice age. And it is a sign of our age that a house full of men left a case + of beer sitting in my fridge in favor of many bottles of wine. So many bottles of wine that we had to break into M's private collection. Which at 12am he thought was a fabulous idea, but I saw the bottle he cracked open and I'm not so sure he'll agree by the light of day.

I think the most amusing party of the party (besides the look on Paul's face when he walked in the door) was that even though we have not one, not two, but three living areas with couches and chairs, the party congregated in the smallest room in the house, our dining hallway. The room is so small that there is barely enough room for the cats to negotiate around the table, let alone 30+ adults. But there they all were, crowded around the table having a grand time. And speaking of the cats, they were in heaven. The two of them paraded from person to person, demanding the attention that they fail to receive from their owners on a daily basis.

"OK, well, we know where the adults were, and where the cats were, but WHERE were your children?" you ask. Shhhhh...they slept. I'm not sure how, or why, but after a brief appearance at the beginning of the evening to get the "Oh, aren't you adorable," coo from the childless women and the "Oh my GOD you don't actually think they'll sleep through this"gasp from the mothers in the room, both children happily curled up in bed and SLEPT. Thank you wonderful children. And as your reward, the food I had stashed upstairs for myself under the assumption I would be singing the itsy bitsy spider instead of happy birthday is all yours. Even the chocolate.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blogging experience.