Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Kids 1, Parents 0

It is the official start of the holiday season in our household as we began the quest for a tolerable holiday photo to send out to all of our family and friends. Unfortunately, last year the bar was set way too high as we got one of those unintentional gems that people are still talking about. This year, I am sad to say, has the makings of a real bust.

We started on the couch in the living room and quickly disintegrated into games of peek a boo and all around the mulberry bush through the coffee table legs. 57 pictures later there is not a single usable one. Not even one that could be digitally remastered. The kids ended up in tears, M lost his temper, and the camera went on the fritz.

I'm already bucking for a holiday picture from our month in Maine this summer. So the kids are in bathing suits. At least they are smiling and happy. Meanwhile, my sister's arrived today all nicely framed with Baby C holding a dove and gazing thoughtfully into the distance. Arghhh.

Happy bloody holiday season.