Thursday, November 10, 2005

It's clear who the favorites are

I just did a quick inventory of my supplies in case of the arrival of the apocalypse (Thanks to Phantom for the occasional reminders...). Our basement currently holds the following:

24 servings of mac and cheese
40 juice boxes
3 bags of goldfish
12 boxes of soy milk
24 tins of single serve pears and peaches
a 6 pack of apple sauce
2 cases of canned diced tomatoes
5 pounds of whole wheat flour
5 pounds of all purpose flour
2 jars of salsa
2 cans of green peas
4 tins of tuna
2 boxes of cake mix and 2 tubs of frosting
55 pounds of cat food

Apparently in my haphazard stockpiling, I was most concerned about my cats. The rest of us might starve, but they're styling in case of an emergency. See guys, I told you I loved you.