Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Family Ties

Lately C has been trying to figure out how this whole family thing works. It has become clear to him that Nana and Auntie M (my sister) are VERY important people in the hierarchy, heck, it's even clear to A. When you get a phone call (or two or three) from someone in the course of every day, clearly they are someone to pay attention to. Plus, Nana makes muffins and pancakes. City Grandma and Grandpa are important. Grandpa J (my dad) is the fixer of all broken things.

Yesterday C asked "Will Baby C [my sister's daughter] always be my cousin just like A will always be my sister?" "Yes," I replied. "She will always be your cousin." C sighed happily. "That's good. When I'm grown up I'm going to visit Baby C and bring my kids to play with her kids and it will be a grand playdate." Then he paused. "Will you come to visit me and my kids when I'm all grown up?" "Of course I will. I'll be their Nana. And Nanas love to visit their kids and grandkids." C sighed happily again. "That's good. You'll be the best Nana in the world. Except for the real Nana of course." Good to know where I rank.