Thursday, November 17, 2005

A's Language Explosion

Just for curiosity, I kept a running log of A's words today on her 18th month "birthday."

Mama, Dada, car, uh oh, ouch, oh, wow, sit, jump, choo choo, nose, baby, poop, moon, teeth, eyes, bubble, balloon, juice, snack, up, open, Nana, again, night night, hop, me, mine, shoes, swim, swimsuit, whee, boo, orange juice, moo, go, no, vroom, wiggle, dance, now, fish, bounce, cat, feet socks, more, done, book, crib

I sit, I hop, one more minute, my mama, all done

Did ya notice that many of her words seem to be action verbs? Yep, this is a gal who likes to move.

Did you also notice that there is still no C on the list? The child is going to be 20 before she acknowledges him....