Friday, October 21, 2005

She'll be coming on the choo choo when she comes

My mother swoops in today on the train from Boston. The arrival of "Nana" is always the cause of much activity in the house. M tries to finish up all the little projects whose lack of completion might reflect poorly on him. I take several trips to the grocery store to stock up on food and then cook and bake bread so there is a plethora of dining options. C collects items which he believes will please her and stores them in zip lock bags on the dining room table. A runs happily around the house calling "Nana, Nana, Nana" at the top of her lungs, a little unclear on what the excitement is all about but quite sure that it is reason to scream.

The various activities associated with this trip have included:

The repainting of the downstairs bath for the fourth time;
The removal of the beer making equipment from the kitchen;
The weeding and cleaning of the flower beds (along with a mistaken chopping down of the lilac bush in the name of aggressive pruning);
The washing of the futon covers to erase all signs that the kids colored somewhere other than the kitchen table;
The making of three loaves of whole wheat and multi-grain bread, one vat of Cider House Lamb Stew, one pot of Elegant Beef Stew and two spinach and cheddar cheese quiches; and
The collection of one can of diced tomatoes (no-salt added), two silver forks (unpolished), three black crayons (unsharpened), and assorted stickers (used)

I'll leave it to your imaginations to decide which activities belong to which individual.