Sunday, October 30, 2005

The seeds have already been sown....

Today my in-laws are making a surprise and unprecedented 2nd trip to the burbs in less than a month. After a rushed morning trying to get everyone to church on time, I raced home with kids in tow and began a frantic dash around the house to make it look, well, in-law ready. As I was picking up the playroom C started pulling on my leg in an insistent way, and I finally took a moment to snap "What?"

C:" I need you to fix my tent and tunnel."

Mommy:"I can't right now, I have to put away all of the books and art supplies."

C: "But Mommy, my tent and tunnel have to look their best when Grandma and Grandpa arrive. Please?"

I apologize to both C and his future therapist. I have apparently done a lousy job of trying to not pass on the perfectionism thing to yet another generation....