Sunday, October 23, 2005

Not much else to tell

In reality, there is not much else to tell about last night's escapades. The answering service at our pediatrician's office left a lot to be desired (it took them an hour + to get back to us, at which point we were already in the ER), the local pediatric ER was lovely (and we were in and out in less time than it took the pediatrician's office to call us back), and C didn't shed a tear during the whole procedure.

As a result of his tearless visit and normal boyish charm, he was showered with hugs, stickers, treats, and toys by the nurses and doctors. Meaning that the take-away from this whole experience as expressed on the way home was:

"I like the hospital. I think we should go see the doctors there more often. They're almost as nice as Dr. S. She's got a better waiting room though."

While perhaps not the take-away I would have chosen, I suppose it beats developing the deep-rooted fear of doctors and needles that I have.